Local Attorneys Serving the Greenville Area for Over 16 Years.

The Tollison Law Firm, P.A. is a boutique litigation firm founded in 2007 in an effort to provide large firm, quality legal work with the personal attention, efficiency and service of a smaller firm.  We recognize that every client has unique needs and we tailor our service to meet those needs.

Committed to Serving Our Clients in Multiple Areas of Law.

The Tollison Law Firm has represented clients in Business and Commercial Litigation.  Our lawyers work hard to help you get the best possible results in the following practice areas:

  • Business Litigation — In the world of business, conflict often arises.  Our experienced attorneys are available to help you resolve disputes and, if necessary, engage in litigation. 
  • Commercial Litigation — Conflicts that affect businesses demand effective advocacy from a knowledgeable lawyer. In contract disputes, tort claims and other types of legal disagreements, our experienced attorneys have the background and ability to help you seek a resolution to your commercial litigation matter.
  • Mediation — Walt Tollison is a Certified Mediator who helps businesses and individuals resolve their legal disputes amicably. Mediation gives you more control over the legal process, usually producing quicker results than going to trial.

The Tollison Law Firm, P.A. has served as Receiver and as Counsel to the Receiver in a number of state and federal cases.

  • Receivership — Court-Appointed Receivers handle a variety of cases, such as Ponzi/financial fraud schemes, real estate, marital dissolution, and other business matters.  The primary role of the Receiver is to preserve and protect property and assets until the matter is resolved, filing claims on behalf of the victims or entities, and distributing assets to investors, creditors or other claimants.